The Trust & Interim Board of Directors

Lough Neagh Development Trust is a Company Limited by Guarantee registered in Northern Ireland (registered number: NI634610). It is currently governed by an interim Board of Directors, charged with moving the Trust to a position where local members will democratically elect a Board. Interim Directors will then step down. A rolling process of elections is built in to the Company’s Articles of Association.

Director Profiles

Nigel Kinnaird Chairman


Nigel is a Chartered Surveyor and the property Director of Alburn, a private company with significant interests in Ireland and the UK. Prior to this he was Investment Director at Dunloe Ewart plc. He has been a Deputy Lieutenant of County Down since 2010 and currently chairs Development Trusts Northern Ireland.  Prior to his involvement with DTNI Nigel was independent Chair of the Colin Neighbourhood Partnership which is responsible for neighbourhood renewal in outer West Belfast.


Kate Clifford Vice Chair


Kate is the Director of Rural Community Network.  She has worked as a Rural Enabler (Institutions) within the Rural Enabler Programme working with the Orange Order, the GAA, Churches and others to address issues of sectarianism and racism. Her recent work includes contributions to the Rathlin Island Policy and Action Plan, membership of the Lough Neagh Development Trust Advisory Panel, and membership of the DARD Monitoring Committee for the Rural Development Programme. Kate holds a BSc in Agricultural Economics and Management and an MSc in Rural Development.



Karen Arbuckle


Karen chairs Northern Ireland Community Energy (NICE), N.I.’s first community energy benefit society. She also  chairs Co-Operative Alternatives, N.I.’s leading co-operative development agency and is a key stakeholder and active member of N.I’s first wind energy co-op, Drumlin Wind Energy Co-Operative.



Iain Frazer


Iain is the retired acting CEO of Dungannon and South Tyrone Borough Council and a Deputy Lieutenant for Co Tyrone. He currently chairs the South Lough Neagh Regeneration Association, a cross community not-for-profit organisation based in Maghery, Co Armagh.


Connor Corr

Connor Corr

Connor chairs the Lough Neagh Partnership and was a member of the Lough Neagh Development Trust Advisory Panel. He is Director of Cookstown and Western Shores Area Network (CWSAN) a community umbrella organisation which represents and supports the interests of community groups within the rural areas of Cookstown District and along the Western Shores of Lough Neagh.



Bernadette McAliskey


Bernadette is Chief Executive of STEP (South Tyrone Empowerment Programme), a not for profit community development organisation based in Dungannon. She is also a Director of a number of community based charities including Development Trusts NI, Willowbank Physical DisabilityResource Centre and An Tearmann. An active member of the Lough Neagh Development Trust Advisory Panel and former MP for Mid Ulster, Bernadette is an alumnus of Churchill College Cambridge and Judge Business School Cambridge where she completed a Master’s degree in the Philosophy and Business Management of Community Enterprise.